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It’s no secret CBD may help relieve anxiety, reduce pain and promote a good night’s sleep. Did you know CBD also has many potential benefits for the bedroom? Hemp Bombs After Hours CBD Lube is a premium intimate lubricant infused with our pure CBD for maximum pleasure and improved sexual health. CBD’s natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties may help ease pain and discomfort one may experience during sex.

As a premium, water-based lubricant, CBD Lube may also help spice up your sex life by increasing performance and giving you a powerful sense of stimulation. CBD is all-natural, allowing you to feel an improved feeling of closeness and intimacy with your partner. As CBD is often used as a supplement for anxiety, it can also help you relieve any performance-based stress or nervousness you may feel with your partner after hours.  Both men and women will enjoy the many potential benefits of Hemp Bombs’ premium CBD Lube.

CBD Personal Lubricant

cbd lube benefits for him and her

Our CBD Lube promotes an improved sense of intimacy for both men and women by providing intense stimulation and climax.

cbd lube benefits maximum performance

Feel closer to your partner than ever before, our CBD Lube has the potential to reduce anxiety and maximize performance.

hemp bombs cbd lube benefits water-based

Our CBD Lube is a thick, no drip, water-based formula that will decrease friction and promote greater sensations.

cbd lube benefits last longer

With the potential to help you last longer, add some excitement in the after hours with Hemp Bombs’ premium CBD Lube.

cbd lube benefits all natural ingredients

Made with all-natural ingredients, our premium CBD Lube may decrease pain and inflammation in the bedroom.

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