Acid Reflux Disease – The Big Lie!

acid reflux

Have you ever wondered what really causes digestive problems?  Did you know that most digestive disorders are not diseases at all, but conditions that can be completely cured by using natural techniques and remedies?

The medical community would have you believe that only prescription drugs can relieve the symptoms of indigestion.  This is simply not the case.  Antacids are, at best, a temporary fix and they are loaded with harmful ingredients such as sodium and aluminum.

PPI drugs should only be used for eight weeks, at most. Then what are you to do?

These drugs only mask and hide the symptoms and have hundreds of harmful side effects.  These medications do not heal the condition! They do not make you well! They only make the drug makers wealthier at your expense!

I used to suffer from acute GERD.  I was addicted to a PPI drug…..a “certain colored pill”.  After several years of taking this drug, my condition became worse and I was told to double the dose.

I began to feel sluggish and tired.  My vision suffered and my blood pressure soared.  Finally, I realized that these were possible side effects of this PPI drug.  So I went on my sumpter and did a computer search. Surprisingly, I found that there were hundreds of possible side effects.

I was shocked and frightened at what I found! I was harming my body and I wanted to stop taking this drug!  But when I tried to stop the PPI, the acid pumps, which had been shut off, went wild and produced more acid than ever before.

I can’t tell you how much I suffered. My esophagus was constantly burning and l feared that I would permanently damage myself. At night I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid to eat or drink anything but water!  As time went on I became afraid to go out to dinner. Over time I became a recluse.

I began to lose my friends. They didn’t understand my problem.  Friends would call and say, “Let’s go out for Mexican, barbeque, or pizza”.  Of course, I couldn’t. I loved to eat hot chili sprinkled with raw onions and jack cheese, but it was now my worst nightmare.  My life had become unbearable!

I was determined to beat this sickness! My doctor couldn’t help me.  No one could tell me what to do.  At this point, I knew the only way to improve my condition was to heal myself.  Tight away, I became completely dedicated to finding the answers.  Studying and researching consistently.  I wanted to find naturopathic treatments as opposed to drugs, so I searched high and low for natural remedies that might actually cure acid reflux.  I tried every possible treatment that exists, short of voodoo.

Natural Cures for Acid Relux

I found that the answers to the acid reflux problem are really quite simple.  With a few changes in lifestyle and with the help of several natural remedies, one can absolutely beat the acid reflux syndrome, without the use of drugs.

Remember, that the reason this condition exists, in the first place, is due to a damaged esophagus.    Let the esophagus heal by not eating the same foods in the same way, that caused the damage.

Home remedies for acid reflux

  • Losing weight
  • exercising
  • chewing properly
  • drinking sufficient amounts of water
  • elevating the head at night

These are all simple things that anyone can do to improve this condition.

Herbs for acid reflux

There are also many natural ingredients found in any health store, which can help during the acid reflux recovery period.  Herbs, such as…

  • slippery elm
  • marshmallow
  • Aloe vera juice
  • licorice
  • natural honey

They have wonderful healing properties. They can soothe the esophagus and assist in the healing process.

Healthy Eating

When to Eat

By eating dinner at least three hours before retiring, one can drastically reduce the chances of acid reflux.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum between meals actually reduces stomach acid.

Eating Pasta with Sauce

If you really have to have that pasta with tomato sauce, there is always baking soda as a last resort.

Eating Smaller Mealing 

Eat smaller, more frequent meals.  I eat four or five little meals each day.  First, start the day with Kukicha Twig tea.  then I eat fruit, such as bananas and melons, and during the day I have several snacks.  For example…

  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • fruit.

For lunch, I eat a salad, made with…

  • grilled chicken breasts or tofu,
  • mixed with hearts of romaine
  • tossed with a light lemon
  • chive vinaigrette.

I have found that it pays to keep the food that you eat as alkaline as possible.  I have developed some wonderful recipes, such as…

  • pasta primavera
  • baked chicken breasts on mushroom caps
  • sautéed white fish on mashed potatoes with green peas

You certainly don’t have to starve yourself, but I suggest that you stay away from those acid reflux “trigger” foods, until you have healed your irritated esophagus.

In Conclusion

It does take a new approach to life, in general, to heal a stubborn acid reflux condition.  Think of it as a fun challenge.  You’ll feel so much better, it will have been working all the effort.

So please don’t resort to those “colored pills”.  Yes, they are convenient, but potentially dangerous, in the long run.  Take command of your own health and use natural resources to heal acid reflux.

Here are free recipes by Rose Clearfield for acid reflux healing are available at
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