Hemp Bombs Max Chill CBD Shot



Become King of the Chill with Hemp Bombs Max Chill CBD Shot. Our portable, Raspberry Dream-flavored shot has 100mg of premium CBD to help you relax wherever and whenever you need it the most. Our soothing blend of CBD, melatonin and stress-relieving amino acids (L-Theanine and GABA) helps you unwind and feel maximum comfort.

Whether you need a break from work stress, want to relax before a flight, or simply find peace of mind after a long day, our Max Chill CBD Shot is here to provide you with an encompassing sense of calmness. Our CBD Drink comes in a convenient 2.5 fl oz bottle that you can take anywhere you need total relaxation.

You can take our CBD Shot on its own or mix it with your favorite drink for a delicious wellness boost. Our CBD Drink offers long-lasting effects so you can stay cool, calm, and collected. Take a break from the stress of everyday life with our CBD Shot and obtain your maximum chill today.


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