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Inulin (Chicory Root)

Fresh chicory root is a good source of inulin. Inulin is a type of fiber known as a fructan or fructooligosaccharide, a carbohydrate made from a short chain of fructose molecules that your body doesn’t digest. You may already be familiar with Inulin as Inulin is also the added fiber of choice for high fiber bars, energy bars, cereals, bread, granolas – especially low-carb ones. Inulin is also known as a “prebiotic” fiber based on the fact that it’s highly fermentable by the friendly bacteria in our guts. Prebiotics are, in essence, like food for “probiotics;” or, a source of nutrition for gut bacteria that helps nourish them and enable them to thrive.

Inulin (Agave)

The Blue Agave plant is a succulent plant belonging to the Lily family. Another very good source of Inulin. Agave inulin is a nutritious prebiotic fiber and also a highly soluble non-nutritive sweetener that can be used to replace sugar in many foods and beverages. Agave inulin is known for its potential intestinal health and blood sugar benefits, among others.

Xylooligosaccharide (PreticX® 95)

This is a new prebiotic XOS (xylooligosaccharide) that is Non-GMO project verified and helps to maintain healthy flora balance, nourishes the intestinal lining, and supports regularity without additional bloating or flatulence.

Apple Pectin

Pectin is a prebiotic fiber found in the cell walls of plants including apples and citrus fruits. Apple pectin promotes a healthy gut by binding substances in the intestine and adds bulk to the stools.


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