Weight Loss Tip # 2 – Eat Breakfast and Use CBD

breakfast and weight loss

Do not skip breakfast, for breakfast is the cornerstone to any success in eating nutritiously. It is the foundation for a successful diet. If you need to go to bed a little earlier so that you can get up 20 minutes earlier each morning do it! Breakfast is so important to your good health and to weight control.


According to Dr. Barbara Rolls a professor of nutrition at Penn State University, “Your metabolism slows while you sleep, and it doesn’t rev back up until you eat again.”

Eat Breakfast When You First Wake Up

If you’re a coffee girl like me then have your first cup of coffee and start making breakfast.  Eating breakfast is not only good for overall weight loss, it will help you stay on track with your diet the rest of the day. You are more likely to binge on something sweet and in the bread group if you skip breakfast.

Try Shred CBD

Using CBD in the morning with your breakfast is a great way to help you lose weight.

Reasons why…

[1] It targets fat stores – Scientific studies have found CBD can stimulate the breakdown and oxidation of fat

[2] Shred CBD burns more calories – CBD can increase total energy expenditure (calorie burn) by activating more mitochondria

[3] Shred CBD stops fat gain – CBD has the potential to help prevent the body from storing more fat, preventing visible weight gain.

[4] It stops snacking – CBD reduces feelings of hunger and helping you to reduce calorie intake by making dieting comfortable

[5] Feel less stressed and healthier – CBD Improves quality of sleep and reduce inflammation helping you control your energy, diet and improve exercise performance

weight loss

Important Tip for the Day

A top tip for making sure you never skip breakfast is to always keep a couple of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge or some high-fiber, low-starch fruit around as a substitute. If you plan to eat fruit at all during the day, breakfast is the perfect time to do it.